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Offer for water and sanitation entrepreneurs
Until June 15th 2016, cewas is accepting applications for its annual start-up programme. Starting in August 2016, participants will be trained in sustainable sanitation, water and resource management as well as in business development. Participants create their business model and write a business plan according to the “Lean Start-Up” method. They will become part of the large cewas community and get in touch with the gatekeepers, experts and investors on the largest event of the sector – the World Water Week 2016 in Stockholm.
More information on
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Integrity Management Toolbox is NOW ONLINE
The Integrity Management Toolbox, co-developed by cewas and Water Integrity Network, supports water sector organizations like utilities, small and medium-sized enterprises and public institutions in making integrity a part of their strategic plans, business models, and daily practices to reduce corruption risks and improve performance. The online IM Toolbox provides up-to-date and searchable integrity risks and tools, guidance on leading integrity change processes, new supporting materials and instructions for integrity management coaches, information on embedding integrity management approaches at the sector level. The IM Toolbox is NOW ONLINE at
Wanted: Innovative Ideas in Water and Sanitation!
This spring cewas in cooperation with Impact Hub, Swiss Water Partnership, Swiss Bluetec Bridge and euforia organize the Call for Ideas 2016. This competition honours promising, interesting and creative ideas in sanitation, water and resource management for the poor. The winner receives CHF 5.000,- as seed money and secures a sponsored slot in this year’s cewas start-up programme. For more information visit
Eligibility criteria
32nd AGUASAN Workshop
On behalf of the AGUASAN Workshop Steering Committee, we are pleased to announce the 32nd AGUASAN Workshop which will take place June 26 to July 1, 2016 in Spiez (Switzerland) on the topic of “Implementing the Water Goal – SDG in practice”. Please find below the invitation letter, announcement and pre-registration form.
Workshop invitation
Workshop announcement
Pre-registration form
Upcoming SSWM Training in Berlin!
Want to increase your practical knowledge for Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management? Join the upcoming Training in Berlin, 7 - 9 December, all days 9am - 5pm.
More information
New factsheets on the energy system and sanitation safety planning
Two new factsheets on the Energy System and on Sanitation Safety Planning were added to the "Toolbox within the Toolbox" on the special topic "Resource Reuse and Recovery Business Development"
Read the factsheet on the Energy System
Read the factsheet on Sanitation Safety Planning
New factsheet on Integrity Management for Small and Medium Enterprises
The Integrity Management Toolbox, developped by cewas and WIN, contributes effectively to building integrity management capacity for small and medium enterprises. The toolbox may be easily adapted to the local context. You find more information and the electronic version of the toolbox in the new factsheet.
Integrity Management for SME
Participate in a survey about the SuSanA Discussion Forum
Have you ever used the Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA) Discussion Forum? What do you think of it? Now is your chance to have your say about possible improvements to this open discussion forum. Filling in the survey takes about 5-10 minutes. 150 prizes (books, USB sticks) are available and will be sent to a randomized selection of participants who leave their e-mail address. All survey results will be treated anonymously.
Link to the survey
Learn more about the prizes
eCompendium now online!
The eCompendium is the digital version of the popular and well-know reference-manual Compendium of Sanitation Systems and Technologies published by Eawag/Sandec, WSSCC and IWA. It is a interactive planning tool designed for engineers and planners to facilitate decision-making on sanitation systems and technologies in meetings and workshops. All Technology Info Sheets are now stored in the SSWM database and can be directly linked with previously uploaded factsheets, further readings, training materials, weblinks, videos and - yes, even ready-made powerpoint presentations from the SSWM repository!
All SSWM Specific Topic Pages
Download Version of the Compendium of Sanitation Systems and Technologies
The second, revised edition of the Compendium of Sanitation Systems and Technologies of Eawag can now be downloaded for free! The Compendium has become the most popular technical compilation in the sanitation sector and is widely acclaimed by a large audience as an international reference tool. It provides updates and informs about an increased range of technologies.
High and Low Resolutions of the Compendium on the Eawag Website
The Compendium on the SSWM Library
Webinar on „adding missing links in sanitation value chains“
On April 29th 2014 Gates Foundation sanitation grantees and SuSanA members virtually met in a webinar to discuss missing links in sanitation value chains. Three grantees – Francis de los Reyes, Daniel Yeh and Brian von Herzen – presented their research topics that add an element to already existing sanitation systems or chains. Is a power auger “Excrevator” a suitable tool to empty pit latrines in South Africa and septic tanks in India? How can a membrane reactor be used to treat off-grid toilet products in the field? How can faeces be transformed into biochar? Seecon as the lead of the SuSanA working group 1 supports the exchange of experiences and knowledge within the sanitation community.
View the forum thread on this webinar
View the webinar online
Swiss Position on a Post-2015 Global Goal for Water
“Water stands at the centre of nearly every global challenge: climate change, health, nutrition, environment, transportation, political conflicts; all this and much more is directly linked to water.” This statement by Martin Dahinden, Director of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, highlights the importance for a dedicated Post-2015 SDG on Water. Switzerland is actively involved defining the new SDG agenda and formulated goals for a water-secure world for all. Find more information here:
Flyer for the Global Water Goal based on Swiss Position
Additional Information and Documents by the Swiss Government on the Post-2015 Goals
Coming up: Course in Ljubljana, Slovenia
In collaboration with Global Water Partnerships Central and Eastern Europe, the SSWM Team will be conducting a 2-day Sustainable Sanitation Workshop in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The training is based on the SSWM concept that links water management, sanitation and agriculture as a crucial step to sustainability. A special focus will be given to policy preparation and policy planning of decentralised sustainable small-scale solutions, as problems of water supply and sanitation in central and eastern European countries often arise in the context of small settlements. The course will take place from April 4 to 5 2014.
SSWM courses overview
Homepage GWP CEE
World Water Day: Water requires energy and energy requires water
This year’s World Water Day on March 22nd focuses on the water and energy nexus. The aim is to raise awareness on the inter-linkages between water and energy, while especially paying attention to the “bottom billion” that lacks access to water, sanitation and energy. All types of energy generation and transmission need water, whereas electricity is required for pumping, treating and transporting water to various consumers. For more information on the water and energy nexus check out the factsheets on Water for Energy or the World Water Day website.
SSWM factsheets on Water for Energy
About World Water Day
Partner News: Integrity Management for SME of the Zambian Water Sector
With the support of the Water Integrity Network (WIN), cewas - the international centre for water management services and Water and Sanitation Association of Zambia (WASAZA) developed the Integrity Management Toolbox for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) in Zambia. Lack of integrity remains a major problem in the improvement of WASH services, particularly with the growing engagement of the private sector. The Integrity Management Toolbox for Zambian Water Sector SME provides a systematic bottom-up approach to tackling integrity issues at the operational level. On February 17 to 18 2014 the Toolbox was validated in a workshop with four Zambian SME of the water sector in Lusaka, Zambia.
Integrity Management Toolbox Zambia
New Factsheet "CLARA Simplified Planning Tool"
Are you a local planner and do you want to compare your different options for water and sanitation systems at an early planning stage? The CLARA Simplified Planning Tool is a software tool that allows planners to compare full cost of various alternatives of water supply and sanitation systems. It is especially adapted to the different requirements in Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Kenya, Morocco and South Africa. For more information read the factsheet and feel free to use and adapt the corresponding PowerPoint for your own presentations and trainings.
CLARA Simplified Planning Tool
Coming up: Course in Kaolack, Senegal
The International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance (IRHA) is offering a 3-day course in rainwater harvesting and sustainable sanitation in collaboration with RAIN Foundation, Caritas Kaolack, Building Partnerships for Development in Water and Sanitation (BDP) and seecon international gmbh. The course’s aim is to strengthen local knowledge about rainwater and sanitation management and its inclusion in the local politics on adaptation strategies to climate change. The course will take place in Kaolack, Senegal from March 10 to 12 2014.
SSWM courses overview
Homepage IRHA
New PowerPoint presentations online now
Would you like to learn how to include SSWM in the Curriculum of your school? Are you about to conduct a water resources assessment? Or do you want to know more about the challenges of water and sanitation in the context of urbanisation? Have a look at the factsheets and feel free to use and adapt the new corresponding PowerPoints for your own presentations and trainings.
SSWM in School Curriculums
Water Resources Assessment
Water, Sanitation and Urbanisation
Subscribe to the SSWM Newsletter now!
Do you want to keep updated on a regular basis about SSWM and partner activities? Then subscribe now to the new SSWM Newsletter! The Newsletter will inform you about new Toolbox contents, SSWM events and events and news from our partners.
Newsletter subscription
Have a look at the first SSWM Newsletter
New PowerPoints on Ensuring Sustainability
Are you looking for tools to ensure the sustainability of your water and sanitation project? Two presentations have been added to the chapter on Ensuring Sustainability. Have a look at the corresponding factsheets and feel free to use and adapt the new PowerPoints for your own presentations and trainings.
Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation
Using Indicators to Measure Progress and Performance
Entire Chapter: Ensuring Sustainability
SSWM Training-of-Trainers course in Hyderabad, India
SaciWATERs-Cap-Net Network (SCaN) in collaboration with seecon International gmbh and the support of Cap-Net conducted a 5-day Training-of-Trainers Course in Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management (SSWM) from 30 of November to 04 of December 2013 in Hyderabad, India. Have a look at the topics discussed and pictures taken during the training.
SSWM courses overview
World Toilet Day 2013
2.5 billion people continue to lack a safe, clean toilet, robbing them of privacy, safety, and basic human dignity. This is why 19th of November has been declared World Toilet Day. This international day of action aims to break the taboo around toilets and draw attention to the global sanitation challenge. Have a look at some of this year’s events and campaigns for the World Toilet Day:
UNICEF World Toilet Day Campaign “No Access”
UNICEF World Toilet Day Promotion Pack
World Toilet Day
World Toilet Day on SuSanA Forum
Water, Sanitation and Development
STEP on the National Urban Sanitation Policy in India now online!
The Specific Topic Entry Page “Support to the National Urban Sanitation Policy in India” (STEP SNUSP) provides you with practice-proofed information and guidelines on the planning and implementation of city sanitation plans (CSP) and the Indian National Urban Sanitation Policy. The information is based on experiences of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and the Indian Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD).
STEP SNUSP website
Overview on all SSWM STEPs
New PowerPoints on Water Availability and Allocation
Looking for tools to estimate the current Water Source situation? Three software factsheets on Water Availability and Allocation are now enhanced with PowerPoints. Feel free to use and adapt them for your own presentations and trainings or just for a quick flip through the slides.
Water Allocation
Water Balance Estimation
Material Flow Analysis
Entire Chapter: Availability and Allocation
New Issue of Sustainable Sanitation Practice online now!
The Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA), a main partner of the SSWM Toolbox, has featured a paper on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s sanitation grants that are openly discussed on the SuSanA forum (see page 4 “Sustainable Sanitation Alliance members take a closer look at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s sanitation grants”). With their knowledge in Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management the SSWM Toolbox team contributes to the discussions around the grants.
Sanitation Practice Journal website
Issue 17 in SSWM library
New Decision Making Tool: Assessment of Technology Options
Making the right decision on a suitable sanitation system is a key step towards sustainable sanitation. Learn more on how to conduct a participatory process to decide on the most suitable sanitation system on the new factsheet in the Planning and Process Tools section! Also find the respective PowerPoint presentation for a quick browse or for your own trainings and lessons.
Assessment of Technology Options
Decision Making Tools
Apply for the Training-of-Trainers course in SSWM in Hyderabad, India!
SaciWATERs-Cap-Net Network (SCaN) in collaboration with seecon international GmbH and the support of Cap-Net is offering a 5-day Training-of-Trainers Course in Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management (SSWM). The course will take place in Hyderabad, India from the 22nd to the 30th of November 2013. To apply, please fill in and submit the application form below by the 15th of October 2013. For more information please contact Dr. Neena Rao at, Dr. Indika Gunawardana at or Dorothee Spuhler at Brochure can be downloaded below.
Application form
SSWM courses overview
¡El Equipo GASS regresa a América Latina a capacitar futuros Capacitadores!
With the support of Cap-Net and REDICA (Red Centroamericana de Instituciones de Ingeniería), the SSWM Team will be conducting a Training of Trainers workshop in Managua, Nicaragua from the 30th of September to the 4th of October 2013. The course will give an introduction to the SSWM approach with a focus on how to use the SSWM Toolbox as a learning and teaching support tool, as well as a resource for planning and implementing SSWM measures. Furthermore, the course will also include sessions of description and discussions of hardware options, the SARAR methodology and different software measures. Find information about the courses we offer, upcoming and past courses under the link below.
SSWM Training Courses
Draft of SuSanA joint road map now out for discussion!
What is the way forward with the Sustainable Sanitation Alliance? This question has been discussed in a stakeholder and core group meeting and refined by the core group. The draft roadmap has already been presented and discussed at a stakeholder meeting at World Water Week in Stockholm early this month. The draft is now up for discussion! Feel free to read and discuss it on the SuSanA forum (link below). Open for discussion until September 28.
Road map and discussion on SuSanA forum
New: Menstrual Hygiene Management Factsheet
Menstrual Hygiene Management has in the past finally gained the importance it deserves in the WASH sector. And now it has also entered the SSWM Toolbox Background section! Find interesting information on the reasons behind the ignorance of this field in sustainable sanitation, the health risks this can bring along and the hardware and software to support implementation of menstrual hygiene management.
Menstrual Hygiene Management
Launch of Spanish SSWM Toolbox at Stockholm World Water Week today!
The SSWM Team officially launched the Spanish version of the SSWM Toolbox, STEP Gestión de Agua y Saneamiento Sostenible, at the World Water Week in Stockholm today. The launch took place at 12:30 at the Swiss Water Partnership stand. You can already find the Spanish version online: find the link above.
Gestión de Agua y Saneamiento Sostenible
New: Presentations on Water, Sanitation and Health now online!
Want to know about how inadequate water and sanitation interfere with human health and which approach can be chosen to mitigate health risk in this context? Read the two factsheets on Water, Sanitation and Health and Health Risk Management in the Background section or use the brand new PowerPoints for your training course!
Water, Sanitation and Health
Health Risk Management
Updated Toolbox Offline Version available now!
The SSWM Toolbox Offline Version is frequently updated to include the latest fact sheets, PowerPoint presentations and literature. The offline version allows you to download the Toolbox on your computer or memory stick and use this ‘pocket knife for water and sanitation experts' without requiring internet access. Please find the link to the Offline Version of August 4th below:
SSWM Toolbox Offline Version August 4th
Milestones reached on the SuSanA discussion forum
Sanitation experts around the world are openly discussing the outcomes and progress of the Gates Foundation’s sanitation science and technology grants on the Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA) Discussion Forum. After 6 months of the project just over half of the 83 sanitation research grants (of a total amount of approx. 80 millions) made by the foundation have been introduced and discussed. Would you like to explore the grants and the discussions around them? Find the link to the forum discussions below.
Grant discussions on SuSanA forum
New factsheet: Ecosystem Services
Ever wondered what ecosystems and their services actually are? Why are they crucial for human well-being? And what factors drive ecosystem changes that negatively impact human well-being? Find the answer in the new ecosystem services factsheet with a focus on wetlands and the correlation of SSWM and ecosystems.
Ecosystem Services
Lanzamiento oficial del primer STEP en Español!
Con el objetivo de ofrecer una muestra de la Caja de Herramientas a los profesionales en América Latina, seecon y SARAR Transformación S L han unido esfuerzos para preparar un STEP (Página de Entrada a Tópicos Específicos) con fichas claves en Español. El STEP “Gestión de Agua y Saneamiento Sostenible en América Latina (GASS)” muestra una selección de fichas en 5 secciones: Concepto, Herramientas de Planificación, Herramientas Socio-Gerenciales, Tecnologías e Información Complementaria. Las fichas presentan no sólo una traducción al Español del contenido original en Inglés.
Gestión de Agua y Saneamiento Sostenible (GASS)
Cartel GASS en castellano
Agendas of the SSWM Introductory Workshops in Latin America now online!
The SSWM Introductory Workshops were held in collaboration with the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB) in Lima, Peru (June 14/15), and La Paz, Bolivia (June 18/19). In Lima, the workshop was for staff members of the National Program of Rural Sanitation of Peru (PNSR) and representatives of the Spanish Cooperation Agency (AECID). In La Paz, the workshop was for IDB Water Experts and their national counterparts and combined both, SSWM and the SARAR Methodology. Inform yourself on upcoming courses on the SSWM Course Page or contact us:
SSWM Course Page
Contact us
Agenda SSWM workshop Lima
Agenda SSWM workshop La Paz
New library documents of 2013 World Water Prize Winner!
The SSWM library has been topped up with 20 publications by this year’s World Water Prize Winner Peter Morgan. The documents are primarily African case studies on ecological sanitation and instructions on how to build simple water and sanitation devices. Find a small selection below!
Hand Washing Devices – How to Make and Use
Zimbabwe’s Rural Sanitation Programme – An Overview on the Main Events
How We Made an Arborloo Which Can be Upgraded to VIP
SSWM Introductory Workshops in Latin America!
14th and 15th of June in Lima, Peru in collaboration with the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB) for members of the PNSR (National Program of Rural Sanitation in Peru), IDB and Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo (AECID). 18th and 19th of June in La Paz Bolivia in collaboration with Ron Sawyer of SARAR Transformacion for experts in the field of sustainable sanitation and water management.
SSWM Course Website
The latest SSWM Toolbox Offline Version is available!
Once again we have created for you a new offline version of the entire SSWM Toolbox including the latest fact sheets and literature. The offline version allows you to download the toolbox on your computer or memory stick and use the ‚pocket knife for water and sanitation experts' without requiring internet access.
SSWM Offline Version May 2013
SSWM Introductory Course in Cuzco, Peru
On the 1st of May 2013 the SSWM team conducted an introductory course in the frame of the Rural Sanitation Group Work Mission of the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB) in Cuzco. A total of 22 participants took part in the event, including water and sanitation experts of the IDB and representatives of the National Government of Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Paraguay and Peru. The aim of the workshop was to introduce the SSWM approach with its different components: hardware, software and planning tools, as well as to present the SSWM Toolbox to practitioners in this region. Please find the course agenda and objectives(in Spanish only) below. For information on (passed) SSWM Courses please visit the SSWM Courses site.
course agenda and objectives
SSWM Courses
New Documents in the SSWM Open Source Library!
Curious to find more information on a certain SSWM topic? The SSWM Library is an exhaustive collection of document, journal articles, books, training materials, case studies, PowerPoint presentations, weblinks and more. Please some recently uploaded documents here:
Approaches and Practices in Monitoring and Evaluation of Capacity Building within the WASH Sector
Handwashing With Soap Toolkit
Documenting Change - An Introduction to Process Documentation
Proceedings of the Women Sanitation and Health Event, 19th of April 2013
cewas -Start your own Business in the Water Sector!
cewas is the international Training Centre for start-ups in the water, sanitation and resource management based in Willisau (Switzerland). The Start-Up programme addresses entrepreneurs-to-be with an interest in SSWM and that want to start their business in the emerging water sector. The 1-year training programme includes: business coaching for the water sector and consulting by international experts and an extensive international network. Start-Ups are supported by a core group of international experts (the cewas Think-Tank).,. The next batch is from September 2013 to August 2014. Applications are now open (deadline: 21st of June 2013). Learn more:
cewas homepage
programme flyer
SSWM for professionals in Latin America - New STEP in Spanish!
Con el objetivo de ofrecer una muestra de la Caja de Herramientas a los profesionales en América Latina, seecon y SARAR Transformación han unido esfuerzos para preparar un STEP (Página de Entrada a Típicos Específicos) con fichas claves en Español. El STEP GASS en LA (Gestión de Agua y Saneamiento Sostenible en América Latina) mostrará una selección de fichas en 5 secciones: Concepto, Herramientas de Planificación, Herramientas Socio-Gerenciales, Tecnologías e Información Complementaria. Check it out now:
New Partner Pages
To give our committed as well as new partners more visibility, we have recently updated the SSWM Toolbox partner page:
SSWM workshop in Cuzco, Peru
The SSWM Team is conducting a workshop in the frame of the Rural Sanitation Group Work Mission of the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB) in the city of Cuzco in Peru on the 1st of May. It counts with the participation of water and sanitation experts of the IDB and their counterparts from various countries in Latin America. The aim of the workshop is to introduce the SSWM approach with its different components, as well as to present the SSWM Toolbox to practitioners in this region, as a reference and training platform for the initiatives financed by the IDB. For more information please CONTACT US
New Background PowerPoints!
Interested in socio-cultural aspects of water management and sanitation? Then check out our Background section: it has recently been enriched with 7 new powerpoint presentations on socio-cultural issues and on peak phosphorus and climate change. You can deem them useful for a quick browse through a topic or as template for your own presentation!
Water, Sanitation and Culture
Water, Sanitation and Gender
Water, Sanitation and Dignity
Water Corruption
Water Conflicts
Peak Phosphorus
Climate Change
Open Discussion Forum on Sustainable Sanitation
You want to buy a new car or have a question about your baby’s teeth: where do you get advice from? You put your question into a search engine and you end up reading other people’s postings on a discussion forum. Usually, this proves to be very helpful. The Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA) forum launched in July 2011 has shown that the same holds true for sanitation issues. After 2 years of existence with a growing group of users, the forum has got a new look and is now also available for mobile use. Share your experiences, thoughts and question with other experts and practitioners:
SuSanA forum
Mobile version
SuSanA Website
Add Your Voice to the Next 5 Years of SuSanA!
The Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA) is an informal network of organisations and individual members who share a common vision on sustainable sanitation. After six years of existence, SuSanA has reached a point where reflection is required on the current status of its activities and effective outreach. Now is your chance to actively shape this network towards catering to your needs! Please take 5-10 minutes and go through the survey.
Survey “SuSanA Strategy Development”
SuSanA Status Quo Summary
SuSanA Website
New SSWM Toolbox Offline Version available!
As every month, we have created for you a brand-new offline version of the entire SSWM Toolbox (including specific topic chapters). The offline version allows you to download the Toolbox on your computer or memory stick and use the ‚pocket knife for water and sanitation experts' wherever you are without needing Internet access.
SSWM Toolbox Offline Version March 2013
Specific Topic Pages
Welcome to SSWM Business Development
The STEP Business Development in SSWM offers many business strategy tools supporting you during the entrepreneurial process of a new venture in the water and sanitation sector. There are three main modules: from self-discovery until running a successful business. Completion on-going. Have a look and give us feedback:
SSWM Business Development
Content overview
Contact for feedback
International Year of Water Cooperation 2013
Today, UNESCO will officially launch the International Year of Water Cooperation 2013. The aim of this year is to raise awareness on the potential for increased cooperation and on the challenges in light of the increase in demand for water. Focus will be: water cooperation initiatives, water education, water diplomacy, transboundary water management, financing cooperation, national/international legal frameworks, links to MDGs. The SSWM Toolbox contains factsheet on these issues:
UN Declaration
Official website
Frameworks and approaches
Participatory decision making tools
Cost sharing
Water conflicts
New SSWM Toolbox Offline Version
A new offline version of the SSWM Toolbox is available, containing the most recent additions and updates. It allows you to use the 'pocket knife for water and sanitation experts' wherever you are without needing Internet access. The recent version includes the newly developed STEPS (Specific Topic Entry Pages), which compile the most valuable resources in the SSWM Toolbox for a specific user group or region.
SSWM Toolbox Offline Version January 2013
Overview on Specific Topic Entry Pages
Welcome to SSWM in Africa (STEP Africa)
The STEP Africa is a key capacity development tool for the public and private sector working within and beyond the water and sanitation sector initiating, planning, carrying out and following-up WASH (Water, Sanitation and Health) initiatives in the Sub-Saharan African context. The Specific Topic Entry Pages (STEPs) are mini SSWM Toolboxes compiling the most valuable resources for a specific user group or region. Completion on-going. Have a look and give us feedback:
SSWM in Africa
Content overview
Welcome to SSWM for Universities (STEP University Course)
In this STEP you can find all the cases, lectures, exercises, support material, etc. from the training course “Introduction to sustainable water and sanitation” conducted by three universities in Norway, Nepal and Pakistan. It is useful for everyone learning or teaching in higher-education institutions all over the world involved or interested in sustainable sanitation and water management (SSWM). Completion on-going. Find out more and send us your feedback:
SSWM University Course
Content overview
Happy New Year!
Let's start with a look back on what we have achieved! In 2012 the SSWM Toolbox had more than 266'000 visits. This makes between 4'000 and 7'000 visits every week! The clicks come from all over the world. The top visiting countries are India (17%), United States (15%), United Kingdom (6%) and the Philippines (4%). The SSWM Toolbox team wrote or adapted around 700 factsheet, 300 glossary entries, 70 powerpoint presentations, and 2'200 library entries in 2012. Today the SSWM Toolbox contains around 850 factsheets, 130 powerpoint presentations, and 800 glossary entries, with even more contents in the pipeline. Follow your interests and click your way through our website.
About the SSWM Toolbox
Specific Topic Entry Pages
Water as a Post-2015 Goal
The current Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are running out by 2015. Therefore, the process of formulating post-2015 development goals is proceeding, with focus of the water community lying on recognising water as a core target. The next big event in formulating suggestions is the third WHO/UNICEF consultation on water in March 2013 in The Hague, discussing the topics drinking-water, sanitation an hygiene (WASH), wastewater management, and water resources development and management. Inform yourself, get involved, and share your knowledge on these websites:
Have a voice on World We Want 2015
Outcomes of the 2nd WHO/UNICEF Consultation
New Specific Topics in SSWM
We are pleased to unveil the most recent addition to the SSWM Toolbox: Specific Topic Entry Pages (STEPs), which compile the most valuable resources in the SSWM Toolbox for a specific user group or region. Our currently developing STEPs are accessible through a link on the main tool bar, "Specific Topics." Browse through the STEPs and let us know what you think!
STEP Entrance Page
Contact form
Example of SSWM Implementation Project
The SSWM Toolbox recently published a case study featuring Xavier Ecoville (XE). XE is a relocation site for flood victims in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. The case study puts a special focus WASH services in the Ecoville, which have been planned and implemented by the SuSan Center with the support of the SSWM Toolbox and the SSWM Toolbox team.
Ecoville case study
Ecoville website
Susan Center website
SSWM Training-of-Trainers Course in Namibia
In cooperation with our partners, the School of Engineering at the Polytechnic of Namibia, Cap-Net, and WaterNet, the SSWM team will be conducting a Training-of-Trainers course in Windhoek, Namibia. The course will give an introduction to the SSWM approach with a focus on how to use the SSWM Toolbox as a learning and teaching support tool, as well as a resource for planning and implementing SSWM measures.
Course Announcement
Course Agenda
Polytechnic of Namibia School of Engineering
SSWM Courses
SSWM New Look!
The SSWM Toolbox homepage recently got a new look, now featuring a link on the main toolbar to our brand new section, Specific Topics. Inside you will find our new mini-Toolboxes, Specific Topic Entry Pages (STEPs), which compile the most relevant information of the Toolbox specific to a group of users or a region. Take a look at some of our currently developed STEPs:
STEP Entrance Page
STEP University
STEP Business Development
STEP Africa
World Toilet Day
Today is World Toilet Day, an international day of action aimed to break the taboo around toilets and draw attention to the global sanitation challenge. Read more about World Toilet Day by clicking the link below.
World Toilet Day homepage
SSWM Toolbox featured in IEES newsletter
The SSWM Toolbox was recently featured in the International Ecological Engineering Society's (IEES) newsletter called Transforming Thinking, which features innovative approaches to promote the implementation of sustainable ecological engineering projects. Check out the article and get more information about IEES below:
Transforming Thinking
IEES Homepage
The SSWM Toolbox turns 2!
On November 1st, the SSWM Toolbox is turning 2 years old! Since its launch 2 years ago, the SSWM Toolbox has seen over 300,000 visitors, added over 430 factsheets, and grown to house over 3500 resources in the library. Stay tuned for the launch in the end of November of our brand new Specific Topic Entry Pages, which are tailor-made "mini Toolboxes" for specific user groups or topics. Check out our library or get a preview of what STEPs are and see some examples by clicking the links below:
SSWM Library
Preview of example STEPs
STEP University
STEP Africa
SSWM Introductory Workshop in Mexico!
In cooperation with our partner SARAR-Transformacion, the SSWM team will be conducting an introductory workshop about the SSWM approach and Toolbox. The sessions will take place during the VII Regional Course “Sustainable Ecological Sanitation” in Tepoztlan Mexico, that aims to provide the participants with innovative tools to tackle the challenges of delivering water and sanitation services to the growing population.
Workshop announcement
SARAR-Transformacion home page
New Offline Version Ready
The SSWM Toolbox is available as offline version, which allows you to use the 'pocket knife for water and sanitation experts' wherever you are without needing Internet access. A new version containing the most recent additions and updates is generated every month.
SSWM Toolbox Offline Version October 2012
New Factsheets on Conservation of Soil Moisture
As a store of nutrients and water for plants, soil plays an important role in the ability of plants to grow and produce food. We have recently added a new section about all the different ways to optimize soil conditions so even a little water can go a long way. Find out more about conservation of soil moisture here:
Conservation of Soil Moisture
Conservation Tillage
Soil Cover and Reforestation
Soil Amendment
Completion on-going!
The SSWM Toolbox is continuously completed, updated and adapted. Recently, we have been uploading many hardware fact sheets in the Implementation Tools, with even more in the pipeline to be available in the coming weeks. Check out some of the latest additions below:
Advanced Nutrient Recovery
Soil Cover and Reforestation
Heat Recovery from Sludge
Incineration (Small-Scale)
Preventing Recontamination
SuSanA updates from Stockholm
Experts in sustainable sanitation recently convened at the SuSanA meeting during the Stockholm World Water Week to exchange ideas and experiences about their global programmes and to open the doors for future collaborations. Have a look at videos, powerpoint presentations, and photos from the meeting on the SuSanA website, or become an active participant of the ongoing discussions by accessing the SuSanA forums below.
SuSanA meeting in Stockholm
SuSanA forum
Stockholm World Water Week
SSWM Statistics
Having started with 40 articles by the end of 2010, today, there are now almost 430 factsheets available on the SSWM Toolbox, with even more contents in the pipeline. Additional information is offered through our growing library, to date capturing over 3500 resources.  Follow your interests and click your way through our website. Check out how factsheets look like, for instance by learning more on the the SSWM concept, browse the SSWM Library or have a look at our currently developed new modules on specific topics within SSWM .
Linking up Sustainable Sanitation, Water Management and Agriculture
Specific Topic Entry Pages – STEPs
SSWM Library
Specific Topic Entry Pages - STEPs
Recently, we have been working on the development of STEPs – Specific Topic Entry Pages. These are pages, tailor-made for a specific target group in order to expand the Toolbox regarding the topic of interest of the target and to facilitate the access to theSSWM Toolbox for this specific group of users (e.g. region, field of activity, partners, beneficiaries). You can find a description on some currently developed STEPs and links to Beta Versions by clicking on the link in the bottom bar of the homepage or directly here:
Specific Topic Entry Pages – STEPs
Congratulations to the Graduates (SSWM and EP&R)!
Based on previous SSWM trainings and the experiences from the Xavier EcoVille, a relocation site for victims of the 2011 floods in Cagayan the Oro, the Philippines, the SuSan Centre and the SSWM team organised a 6-day workshop on SSWM in emergency preparedness and response (EP&R). Check out the agenda and let us know if you would like to get some of the course material.
Training Courses on Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management
New Factsheets on Economic Tools for Water Management
What economic tools exist for regulating the abstraction or pollution of water? Find out more about economic measures and learn what needs to be considered when choosing a suitable tool to influence the demand for water. A new factsheet on water charges and updated information on tradable water rights are now available under:
Economic Tools
SSWM Courses
The SSWM team in collaboration with IWRM Centre from the University of Zambia (UNZA) recently carried out a SSWM Training of Trainers. The training was attended by 30 participants (e.g. UNZA staff, local NGOs). It covered SSWM and its application in the region as well as how to use the Toolbox as a training and implementation tool. Learn more on SSWM Courses or contact us:
Training Courses on Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management
Contact us
Partners & Key Resources
Some partners and resources play a very important role in compiling SSWM content and to keep our library updated. They also help to complete the SSWM Toolbox with additional information on specific topics. You can find a list and description of theses resources and the weblinks to access them here:
Key Resources
Learn step-by-step how to 'Understand your System'
The section 'Understand your System' has been updated recently. Take part on the guided tour that introduces step-by-step on how to analyse your local sanitation and water system in order to identify the critical issues and to improve it in a next step. And don't miss out on having a look at the new PPT.
"Understand Your System" Introduction
PPT Understand your System
Launch of the Downloadable SSWM Toolbox Offline-Version
The offline-version of the Toolbox allows you to use the 'pocket knife for water and sanitation experts' wherever you are without needing Internet access. As the SSWM Toolbox is continuously expanded and maintained, a new downloadable offline-version will be provided every month from now on. Please check back regularly on our homepage to make sure you get the latest update. You find the link in the left column of the front page.
Follow this link to find more information on the offline version.
New SuSanA Factsheet Compilation
A new compilation of 13 factsheets, which was produced by the eleven SuSanA working groups, is now available. The factsheets on key sustainable sanitation topics were developed in a long process involving many discussions and review loops which were mostly carried out in public, e.g. at working group meetings, with the working group mailing lists or, since July 2011, also in the open SuSanA discussion forum.
SuSanA Factsheet Compilation
SSWM Course for cewas Participants
From the 10th to the 20th of April a two-weeks SSWM Course was held at the international centre for water management (cewas) in Willisau, Switzerland. cewas supports young entrepreneurs to develop their businesses in the field of sustainable use of water resources and to solve sanitation issues at the international level. The SSWM Course is the first module of a one-year Start-Up programme. The SSWM Toolbox helps them to find relevant information during the whole process of business development. For further information on the cewas Start-Up Programme and modules, please visit:
cewas – the international centre for water management services
New Factsheets on Water Purification and Sanitation in Emergencies
In case of immediate emergency response, water management and sanitation is an important issue. Several new factsheets on these issues have been added. Have a look and learn which measures are reasonable and which things have to be considered regarding water purification and sanitation in emergencies without disregarding long-term sustainability.
Water Purification in Emergencies Overview
Sanitation in Emergencies Overview
Re-launch: SSWM Toolbox Offline-version 2nd Edition
As of today, the SSWM Toolbox is again available offline on a USB flash drive. The 2nd edition has been updated completely and now comprises the latest contents. Have the Toolbox with you wherever you go and access all the information without being in need of Internet access! The official launch will take place at the 6th World Water Forum in Marseille.
SSWM at World Water Forum in Marseille
We are happy to announce that the SSWM Toolbox has been selected to be presented in the Village of Solutions at the World Water Forum (WWF) in Marseille from the 12th to 16th of March. The Village of Solutions aims at showcasing answers to the water and sanitation crisis from around the world. Three participatory events around the Toolbox are planned on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and a poster will be exposed in the “School” of the village (Pavilion of Education), probably the most amazing pavillon displaying educational solutions.
SSWM on the Platform of Solutions
1st cewas Forum
How can entrepreneurs be encouraged to provide services in the sustainable sanitation and water management sector? What are the opportunities and risks of developing businesses in SSWM? An international panel of experts from NGOs, businesses, public authorities and investors discussed these questions during the 1st cewas Forum on the 8th of February in Willisau (Switzerland). The presentations and discussions about relatively new trends such as sanitation as a business and public-private partnerships were intense and very informative. We would like to thanks for all valuable inputs that will also support the further development of the SSWM Toolbox in this field.
cewas – the international centre for water management services
New presentations available!
We have added several new PowerPoint presentations to the concept section. Read the factsheets to understand why it is crucial for sustainability to consider sanitation and water management jointly. Download the presentations and adjust them individually to use them in your own training courses. And if you have any suggestion on how the content could be improved, please send us a feedback!
Concept Introduction
Happy new year 2012 and thank you mister SSWM!
We wish to thank you all for your contributions from the past and hope you will continue supporting us. Special thanks go to mister SSWM, Beat, who ensures every day that all the material we collect is correctly uploaded and made available to you all. Beat is also writing factsheets on technical issues like sewers, toilets etc. Read one:
Free-surface Constructed Wetland
Horizontal Flow Constructed Wetland
You have decided to start a project in the water and sanitation sector, but don't know how to finance it? Find information about microfinance, community based saving, donor agencies, public private partnerships and other possibilities to finance your project in our new section on:
Implementation Tools Financing
Wastewater Collection
In order to protect human health and ecosystems, human faeces and greywater should be collected and transported to a treatment facility before discharge into the environment. Read our factsheets about sewer systems and cartage:
Introduction to Wastewater Collection
The Toolbox wins the Project Innovation Award
On the 23rd of November, seecon and partners (see also link below) have received the International Water Associations’ (IWA) Project Innovation Award at a special ceremony during the IWA Development Congress in Kuala Lumpur. This award shows that the whole team behind the Toolbox has done not only an innovative but also excellent work and confirms that the Toolbox is relevant to water specialists from different levels from all over the world. We would like to congratulate and thank all of you, users, partners and each and everybody, who has contributed to this Toolbox in one or another way!
Project Innovation Award
The SSWM Toolbox celebrates "her" first birthday and treats herself and you all to a USER SURVEY!
On the 1st of November, the Toolbox has celebrated its first birthday. This is a very important moment for us all: not only have we reached our 100'000th visit last month, but also can we announce, that the Toolbox has won the IWA Project Innovation Award! For this special day, the Toolbox treats herself and you all with a user survey. Have a look and give us your feedback now:
SSWM User Survey
SSWM Open Source Library
Looking for a document or presentation? Find it in our open source library with over 2800 documents and resources, books, training materials, case studies, powerpoint presentations, weblinks and much more. To find a specific document you can also use the advanced search function. Check it out here:
SSWM Library
New Background Factsheets Online
To improve access to drinking-water sources and sanitation facilities is part of the Millennium Development Goals. But today more people in the world own cell phones than have access to a toilet. Access to water is not rooted in physical availability but mainly in poverty, power and inequality. When institutions and policies fail to channel diverse interests of domestic, municipal, agricultural and industrial uses, water conflicts tend to escalate. Read our new factsheets about these topics:
Access to Water and Sanitation
Water Conflicts
SSWM Toolbox offline version launched!
The SSWM Toolbox is now available as offline version: take the Toolbox wherever you want and access all the information available on your computer or USB key without internet access! The offline version was launched in Kigali at AfricaSan3 and there are still some special editions of the SSWM USB keys left, which we will take to the next SuSanA meeting in Stockholm!
Next SuSanA meeting
cewas Training on Business Development in Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management
The second cewas Training Module will be held in Willisau from the the 27th of June to the 8th of July 2011. It is organised and carry out by seecon gmbh, the Swiss Institute for Entrepreneurship (SIFE) and the Lucerne University of Applied Science and Arts, Department of Economy.
cewas Start-Up Programme
IUCN new SSWM Toolbox partner
The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has engaged in the partnership with the SSWM Toolbox community. Mark Smith, IUCN Water Programme Director "sees collaboration with key user groups in the toolbox as an excellent means of sharing the many practical lessons IUCN has from around the world on how to implement IWRM to benefit both people and nature".
IUCN supports partnership on SSWM
cewas Start-Up and Training Centre inaugurated!
On May 18th, cewas opened its doors in Willisau, Switzerland. The opening ceremony welcomed regional and international guests from the water and sanitation sector. 15 participants have now started in the cewas Start-Up Programme, aiming on developing and providing technologies and services in the wider water sector.
cewas opening ceremony
Train the trainers: online now!
You want to become a trainer in SSWM? Then visit the brandnew "Train-the-trainers" section on our toolbox. You'll learn everything you need to know to plan, organise and run your own trainings - or you can polish and fresehen up your existing knowledge on training. Check it out!
Train the trainers
SSWM Toolbox presented in Sustainable Sanitation Practice Magazine!
An entire article in the latest issue of Sustainable Sanitation Practice (07/2011), published by EcoSan Club Austria, is dedicated to the planning and process tools of the SSWM Toolbox. You can download the journal here, free of charge:
You want to start your own SSWM business?
Then check out cewas, the international centre for water management service: it is a unique institution combining advanced education (Training Centre) with support to start up your business in the water sector (Start-Up Centre). Application is now open.
cewas Start-Up Centre
SSWM Library
Check out our large open source library with more than thousand documents. Use the advanced search function to find the information you have been looking for.
SSWM Open Source Library
Print your Factsheet
Would you like to have a specific SSWM factsheet in a printed version? No problem with our new print button, which you will find on the top of every factsheet, you get a short and easily printable version in a few seconds.
Beyond SSWM
A collection of complementary open source knowledge platforms can now be found in the key resource section:
Key Resources
Overview on Decision Making Tools: New Presentation
Which tools can be used to reach a participatory decision in a SSWM intervention? A new PPT-presentation provides a brief overview:
Decision Making
Implementation Support Tools: New Presentations
Check out the new ready to use PPT-presentations about project designing, financing and executing SSWM projects.
New SSWM Home Site
We adapted the SSWM home site for faster and simpler access. Check out the user manual if you are here for the first time:
User Manual
Two More SSWM Courses Conducted in Nepal
28 participants from Nepal, Bhutan and Indonesia analysed the applicability of different technologies and approaches to make thier local water and sanitation systems more sustainable. The next SSWM courses will be held in spring 2011 in Pune, India. Check here for updates:
Training Courses on Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management
Work in Progress!
More than 40 articles including the whole Training of Trainers section are in the pipeline and will be uploaded in the coming weeks.
SSWM Goes Online!
The SSWM Toolbox is ready to use without password!