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Executive Summary

The concept of Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management (SSWM) links up Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) and sustainable sanitation on a local level. It follows an holistic approach and focuses on the human influence on the whole water and nutrient cycle from source to see and back, its linkages to agriculture, and a sustainable use, treatment and reuse of all water resources. The SSWM Toolbox is an integrated capacity development tool and to date the most comprehensive open source collection of approaches from the water and the sanitation sector. It covers planning approaches, hardware (technology) and software (behavioural approaches) to make water management and sanitation more sustainable. The toolbox is divided into different sections. Here, you will learn what the toolbox is and get an overview of the most important facts and figures that form each section.

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The SSWM Toolbox

Why a Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management (SSWM) Toolbox?

Water resources are under increasing pressure today. This is not only due to increased consumption, but also to unsustainable and uncoordinated use. A lack of water severely hinders development. Yet globally, there is a lack of knowledge and capacity on sustainable technologies and on holistic approaches.

>> See the concept section to learn more about the SSWM concept.

What is the SSWM Toolbox?

The SSWM Toolbox is to date the most comprehensive, free and open-source capacity building tool on water management and sanitation. It tackles the above-mentioned challenges in the water sector in three different ways:

  • it systematically structures, compiles and makes available existing knowledge.
  • it promotes innovative integrated and sustainable approaches that link water management, sanitation, wastewater management and agriculture.
  • It provides guidance to use the toolbox for own trainings (dissemination effects)

>> For more information, see our flyer or our FAQs or use the user manual.

What does the SSWM Toolbox contain?

The SSWM Toolbox is divided into six main sections. It contains:

>> For more information, see our tutorial or our short introductory movie (coming soon).

Who stand behind SSWM?

The toolbox was developed by seecon international gmbh, together with numerous partners from North and South who contributed with their knowledge and expertise in specific fields. For more detailed information on partners, see partners.

Who has funded the SSWM Toolbox?

The SSWM Toolbox was funded mainly by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and Capacity Building for Integrated Water Resources Management (Cap-Net) (as per April 2011).

Further Information and Links for the Media

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Articles in the media on the SSWM Toolbox

Short texts about the SSWM Toolbox

TEXT 1 (920 characters)

The Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management (SSWM Toolbox, is to date the larges open-source training tool on water and sanitation. It contains a large amount of free factsheets on sustainable water management, sanitation, and how agriculture relates to them. It helps users to get an overview and prioritise local problems and presents a selection of both hardware tools / technologies and software approaches that could be of help in solving those problems. Furthermore, the toolbox also contains a large “planning and process tools section”. The SSWM Toolbox provides access to a  range of materials, from comprehensive factsheets on tools and approaches, supporting technical documents and further readings to case studies, awareness and training materials – even ready made powerpoints on many subjects are available! Everything is topped with links, an interactive glossary, and a large library.

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The Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management (SSWM Toolbox) is a large and comprehensive training tool. Compiled by seecon international gmbh with a range of worldwide partners, links and makes available the large amount of material available on water management and sanitation. Containing numerous sections guiding users from learning to problem analysis to project implementation, it is aimed at NGOs, planners, students, or decision makers. See for more information.

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The SSWM toolbox is an integrated capacity development support, which links up sustainable sanitation, agriculture and water resource management. It contains a guided exercise to prioritise and understand one’s local problems, a large compilation of factsheets on hardware and software tools and approaches, the tools you need to plan for and implement solutions – topped with further readings, links, a library, glossary, ready-made powerpoints and soon also a train-the-trainers section. The whole Toolbox is open-source and for free.

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