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HARDOY, A.; HARDOY, J.; PANDIELLA, G.; URQUIZA, G. (2005): Governance for Water and Sanitation Services in Low-Income Settlements. Experiences with Partnership-Based Management in Moreno, Buenos Aires. In: Environment and Urbanization 17, 183-200. Thousand Oaks/London/New Delhi/Singapore: SAGE Journals. URL [Accessed: 17.09.2013].

This paper considers how sparsely populated, low-income and largely unserved urban settlements might obtain full coverage of formal water and sanitation networks under a private concession contract, drawing on the case study of Moreno municipality in Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area. The paper describes an initiative that seeks to address deficiencies in water and sanitation provision through partnership-based management, a participatory process whereby different types of actors collaborate with each other, bringing their own particular strengths.