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ZIMMERMANN, N.; WAFLER, M. (2009): Urban Decentralised Wastewater Management Badlapur, Maharashtra, India - Draft. Case Study of Sustainable Sanitation Projects. Eschborn: Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA). URL [Accessed: 17.09.2013].

This case study is about a large-scale decentralised wastewater management and reuse project in Badlapur town, India, which serves 540 households. Treatment of domestic wastewater will happen in a decentralized treatment systems comprising a (biogas) settler, an anaerobic baffled reactor and an anaerobic upflow filter. The treated water shall be reused for irrigation purpose at the site. Biogas produced in the process of anaerobic wastewater treatment will be collected and shall be converted into electricity via a (bio) gas generator; the electricity can be stored in an accumulator (battery) and be used on-site to bridge power cuts.