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Swiss Position on a Post-2015 Global Goal for Water
“Water stands at the centre of nearly every global challenge: climate change, health, nutrition, environment, transportation, political conflicts; all this and much more is directly linked to water.” This statement by Martin Dahinden, Director of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, highlights the importance for a dedicated Post-2015 SDG on Water. Switzerland is actively involved defining the new SDG agenda and formulated goals for a water-secure world for all. Find more information here:
Flyer for the Global Water Goal based on Swiss Position
Additional Information and Documents by the Swiss Government on the Post-2015 Goals
Coming up: Course in Ljubljana, Slovenia
In collaboration with Global Water Partnerships Central and Eastern Europe, the SSWM Team will be conducting a 2-day Sustainable Sanitation Workshop in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The training is based on the SSWM concept that links water management, sanitation and agriculture as a crucial step to sustainability. A special focus will be given to policy preparation and policy planning of decentralised sustainable small-scale solutions, as problems of water supply and sanitation in central and eastern European countries often arise in the context of small settlements. The course will take place from April 4 to 5 2014.
SSWM courses overview
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World Water Day: Water requires energy and energy requires water
This year’s World Water Day on March 22nd focuses on the water and energy nexus. The aim is to raise awareness on the inter-linkages between water and energy, while especially paying attention to the “bottom billion” that lacks access to water, sanitation and energy. All types of energy generation and transmission need water, whereas electricity is required for pumping, treating and transporting water to various consumers. For more information on the water and energy nexus check out the factsheets on Water for Energy or the World Water Day website.
SSWM factsheets on Water for Energy
About World Water Day
Partner News: Integrity Management for SME of the Zambian Water Sector
With the support of the Water Integrity Network (WIN), cewas - the international centre for water management services and Water and Sanitation Association of Zambia (WASAZA) developed the Integrity Management Toolbox for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) in Zambia. Lack of integrity remains a major problem in the improvement of WASH services, particularly with the growing engagement of the private sector. The Integrity Management Toolbox for Zambian Water Sector SME provides a systematic bottom-up approach to tackling integrity issues at the operational level. On February 17 to 18 2014 the Toolbox was validated in a workshop with four Zambian SME of the water sector in Lusaka, Zambia.
Integrity Management Toolbox Zambia